My COVID-19 Experience
by Anonymous
  • August 2, 2020
  • 2 mins story
1. Tell us your Covid story (also welcome: songs, poems, anecdotes, reflections, or ramblings). 4-minute maximum

I am a Nursing Home Administrator in Jersey City, New Jersey. My world changed the day I was assisting my staff to enter a room to transport our first known COVID-19 patient to an isolation room. My heart was racing as I was donning the staff with masks, gowns, gloves, head/feet coverings, goggles, every PPE I could find to protect the staff that I was directing to make this transport. All I knew at this point was that people are dying due to this virus and we needed to do everything in our power to save lives and protect the other residents and staff in the nursing home. Having staff that were willing to do whatever needed to be done without hesitation is incredibly humbling to me. Their love for their patients was stronger than the fear of contracting the virus. They are compassionate and treat every patient with the utmost respect and dignity. They are truly our heroes. We will fight this together until the virus is no longer. I am blessed to have such a great team at Peace Care St. Ann's. 

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