A son's lost
by Aracely Ferraresi
  • July 30, 2020
  • 2 mins story
1. Tell us your Covid story (also welcome: songs, poems, anecdotes, reflections, or ramblings). 4-minute maximum

I would like to share the story of my aunt and my cousin. My aunt died from Covid-19 on May 29, 2020 - she was 69 years old. She's survived by her husband, 6 kids, 7 grandkids and 1 great grand child. Her youngest son Mario Navia - is a Doctor - his specialty is infectious diseases. Their bond was unbreakable. He wrote a poem for her. He originally wrote it in Spanish and I have translated it below:


Because your unconditional love made me believe    

Because you are right, emotions are stronger when we are fearless of grieve 

Because your faith in me helped you conceive 

Since in the womb, a fountain of tender sweetness, your love helped me achieve

You became my guide, my idol in every way  

Your words filling me with hope each and every day

Your unwavering discipline contrasts with your presence, mother

Worthy of love, loyalty and affection unlike any other

Absolutely nothing compares to your stunning light 

No one will ever dim you, you are intensely bright

Undying beam that captivates even the most skeptical soul 

Divine spirit that commemorates a very dignified role 

A collection of meaningful experiences and profound insight

Each memory with you is a symbol of nobility and might

Because it is your magnificent love that makes me strong  

There is no doubt, your image signifies where I belong   

Beauty manifested by your grandiose heart and eternal devotion

Resemblance of a queen while expressing the simplest emotion

Only God could have made you – flesh of his dedication   

You bring honor the word woman, staying true to his creation  

You deserve it all, you, my supreme teacher

Perhaps you deserve eternal life, for giving so much, the most selfless creature 

As a son I love you, but no love is comparable to yours

You are my most continuous thought, you are my friend, my pride, my cure

For being the person, the woman, the friend who I most appreciate

For being my divine light - my life you illuminate

For being that and more, for being the one I adore  

I am grateful you are my mother the only one I die for

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