Protecting & Promoting the Rights of Transgender Community in Pakistan
by Waqas Abid Advocate
  • July 9, 2017
  • 7 mins story
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Punjab, Pakistan
1. What is the situation of LGBTQ people in your country?

The transgenders are the least acceptable segment in our society in Pakistan, who always face hate, ridiculous and exclusion. They are not only deprived from their basic rights but also have minimal opportunities for survival, growth and development.

Despite a great renaissancein gender equality and empowerment, Pakistan still lags behind many othercountries in gender parity index. Global gender parity report 2015 reveals thatPakistan - on global index - is ranked at 144th number out of 145countries. In prevailing social definition, the “gender” is often referred tobeing a man and woman; while transgender persons are largely and explicitlyignored in this definition. Pakistan is home of estimated 300,000 transgenderpersons. These transgenders have historically been marginalized, and directedto hate as well as ridicule in the country. Extremely inadequate attention isgiven to their rights. In one hand, insufficient legislation exists forprovision of equal human rights to transgenders; while on other hand,enforcement of existing legislation seems very poor. The study conducted by GTOin Punjab (Pakistan) reveals that about 84% trans-persons received hatred,taunts, discrimination, exploitation or abuse from the society including theirfamily members. One of the reasons behind this state is typical attitude ofdecision makers, political leaders and Government Departments towardstransgenders. Inadequate legislation and poor enforcement of existing policiesis one of the most underlying reasons behind dismal status of trans-persons.Their inclusion is generally missed in policy making and service delivery.

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Protecting the rights of LGBTQ's