Running on Empty
by Mary Miller
  • May 15, 2020
  • 2 mins story
1. What has been hard about this time for you, either physically or emotionally?

The amount of change occurring in such a short amount of time has been challenging for me. I am very routine-based, and having that thrown out the window has caused everything to become that much more difficult. Additionally, it’s hard being away from those I could reach out to in an instant if something was going on (I love my family, but sometimes you need certain people for certain things). I get scared for my family, teammates, friends...pretty much everyone in my life. it’s an internal conflict between wanting to be around the people you love and not wanting to be around them, and there’s a certain level of guilt associated with each. You try your best, but you don’t have the option of your best not being good enough. You just hope and pray for those around you and track down the cases in different states to make sure those you love are safe. 

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