Reflections on human rights activism
by Rukii Fernando
  • July 13, 2017
  • 10 mins story
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Sri Lanka and Jaffna, Yāpanaya, Sri Lanka and Kilinŏchchi, Sri Lanka and Mullaitivu, Mulativ, Sri Lanka and Mannar, Mannārama, Sri Lanka and Vavuniya, Vavuniyāva, Sri Lanka and Batticaloa, Maḍakalapuva, Sri Lanka and Trincomalee, Trikuṇāmalaya, Sri Lanka and Kandy, Mahanuvara, Sri Lanka and Galle, Gālla, Sri Lanka and Philippines and India and South Korea and South Africa and York, England, United Kingdom and Geneva, Switzerland and Bangkok Metropolis, Thailand
1. Why have you become a human rights defender? (Was there any particular event in your life/country that made you engage with human rights work?)

I became a HRD through my involvement in the Young Christian Students IYCSW) movement in Sri Lanka and then Asia. Where I was inspired to respond to injustices, rights violations and oppression. But most difficult and also dangerous part of my work as a HRD was during the last phase of the war in Sri Lanka and during the authoritarian post war regime of Rajapakse family in Sri Lanka, between 2007-2014.

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