A Little Story of Me and the Literacy Program
by Bernarada Vasco
  • May 7, 2022
  • 3 mins story
1. Please tell us your name (unless you prefer to be anonymous), a little about who you are, and what motivated you to join an adult education class or program.

Hi, my name is Bernarda and I am from Ecuador.  I decided to join the adult education class because it is important to get a better job and to be able to communicate with my neighbors.  And to communicate with my friends who speak English, and it is easier for me to understand what my doctor is telling me during visits.  Also, where I work it is necessary for me to communicate in English and I also need to improve my writing.  I am a babysitter and I have to help with their homework and when I take them to doctor's appointments I must speak and understand English. 

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