Covid 19 and hills of Kathmandu.
by Sushant Khadka
  • April 23, 2020
  • 1 min story
1. Tell us your Covid story (also welcome: songs, poems, anecdotes, reflections, or ramblings). 4-minute maximum

I remember the harsh time we had spent during Mega earthquake on this same spring season,past 4 years,Nepal,Mostly,hilly regions faced a horror reality pinched by natural disaster.At the same time,All of the citizens also became victim of lockdown done by Indian givernment.And this spring also,World wide pandemic of Civid 19 has shook Nepal too.

For  overall health safety,Nepal Government has announced national lockdown.It has almost a month that people have stayed inside their houses dismantling all their public domains.Place where I live is situated near by the capital city Kathmandu.It is a village,outskirt hilly countryside of Lalitpur.I am from middle class family,currently pursuing masters in Sociology.I was on my preperation of second semister examination.But unfortunately,issue of Covid 19 disrupted my examination.

Though Covid 19 made me feel down relating to my academic study,This worldwide phenomena has also brought some positive consequences.There are very few presence of cars,bikes,buses on road and even no airplanes on sky.I can hear birds singing so clearly whole day long and read books.

Lockdown has reached a month and it has possible chance to be extended further.During this one month of interval of time,I figured it out that,people around my locality had increased their interest on evening walk,trek towards countryside fields.Even for me,this long interval of lockdown turned out to be a wonderful time to utilize my passion on photography.Every evening,I went for a trek on hills and fields to capture image of sunsets,paddy fields,and birds.

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