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Outdoor Activities
My Adirondack Story
Requester: Jery Huntley
Deadline: No Deadline
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Tell a story about hiking, Olympics, birding, fishing, hunting, hiking, skiing, sports, lake activities, or guide boats, star-gazing, etc., either in the past or the present in our area. For example, you could talk about a local Olympic athlete or what it was like to climb your first mountain. Make your story as personal as possible, keep it under five minutes, and use the questions provided to give you ideas on how to start.

These stories may be edited, published and shared.

Tell your story
Tips for telling a great story
  • Tell your story as if you were talking to a friend or a relative. Make it personal.
  • Add photos! It is best if the first photo you add is a nice image of yourself so that people can see you as they listen to or read your story.
Tips for audio recording
  • You can re-record as many times as you want. Take a couple of practice runs until it feels more natural talking into your computer.
  • Try not to use a pre-written script so that your story sounds as natural as possible. It is ok if it is not perfect.
  • Try to speak as clearly as possible, and get as close to the microphone as you can.
  • Try to find a quiet place with no background noise. It is even better if the room has carpet. This will reduce the amount of echo on the recording.
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